true love forever day

"flourishing fingers" phot@rt by Aeglie

You are in bed with me tonight
I can scent your flesh excited
You’re whispering into my ear
A story as old as the hills
Is flowering into my heart
The olde fairy tree of love
I touch you
I scent you
I breathe you
I have you
I love you
Up in the old oak love tree house
The tale says, each other they met
The girl falling in love with the boy
The boy falling in love with the girl
A love for ever at first sight
On fairies’ true love forever day
I touch you tonight
I scent you
I breathe you tonight
I have you
Forever I love you
I love your rippling fairy tales
You’re winding up happy end always
Still, you leave me before dawn breaks
I love your rippling breath waves
Having you inside me all night
Swaying with you in the art of loving

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